Pressure and Power Washing All of North Olmsted, OH

North Olmsted residents have been using Crystal Kleen Pressure Washing since 1984 for power washing any type of residential siding. North Olmsted residents rely on Crystal Kleen Pressure Washing for expert knowledge and service. North Olmsted residents also use Crystal Kleen Pressure Washing for professional residential deck power washing and refinishing. When North Olmsted residents need their driveway or stamped patio cement power washed, they know Crystal Kleen Pressure Washing has the professional tools to complete the job evenly. Crystal Kleen Pressure Washing is also the power washing company North Olmsted residents call for low pressure shingled roof cleaning to guarantee a safe and damage-free clean that will make you the envy of your North Olmsted neighbors.

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Crystal Kleen Pressure Washing and Deck Maintenance

Crystal Kleen Pressure Washing and Deck Maintenance is committed to total customer satisfaction and the highest quality workmanship.


We GUARANTEE it. Fully Insured.


  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Family owned and operated
  • Satisfying customers for over 25 years
  • Use of environmentally friendly products
  • Specialists in cleaning aluminum, wood, vinyl, concrete and composite materials


Today, as always, Crystal Kleen's use of the top rated sealers, stains, and paints in the finish process of the project, along with our experience and knowledge combine to give professional results at competive prices.




CRYSTAL KLEEN is a full service pressure washing and deck restoration company. For a complete list of our services please click here.


About Us

CRYSTAL KLEEN is a family owned and operated company with over 25 years of satisfied customers....




Frequently Asked Questions


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Q.  I have aluminum siding and was told washing will take the paint off. Is this true?


A.  Crystal Kleen has been washing aluminum for over 25 years and has perfected a process that cleans without damage to the paint. Cleaning aluminum is very labor intensive and as such, most pressure washing companies do not clean aluminum. They do, however, refinish aluminum, which has a much higher price tag. The fact is that washing will not take the paint off if you are experienced in this line of work.


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Q.  How often should I have my deck cleaned?


A.  The frequency of deck cleaning depends upon factors like how much sun does it get; do you use it frequently, etc. I like to tell customers the more you take care of your deck, the longer it will last and the better it looks.